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Episode 63

Published on:

16th Jan 2024

Ep 63: Why I Quit Promoting My Podcast on TikTok

In this episode, I discuss why I stopped using TikTok to promote my podcast show. I'll also quickly dive into my plans to focus more on live streaming in the future!

We will discuss how TikTok is an amazing platform for promoting a brand and for promoting a podcast, but if you're finding it to be just another platform that is eating up your time, then maybe you need to consider a different approach. There are so many social media platforms out there, and it is so easy to get lost down a rabbit hole.

Listen in as I unfold the six reasons why TikTok did not work for me and why I decided to step back from using it to promote my podcast. I'll give you actionable podcasting tips for making sure that promoting your podcast on social media isn't a drain on your creativity. Plus, I'll share some insights into showing up on the platforms that you enjoy and those which align with your podcasting audience.


  • Why there was a lack of conversion from TikTok to actual podcast listeners
  • How my preferred content creation methods didn't match well with TikTok's visually-focused format
  • The importance of alignment between your podcast and the platforms you choose to promote on
  • Why you should invest your energy into platforms you actually enjoy using

Join me as I honestly navigate this tough decision to quit using TikTok for podcast promotion, concluding: "Why not put your energy into creating the content that you do enjoy and showing up on the platform or platforms that you also enjoy?"

You'll gain a new perspective on platform selection and social media usage for podcast promotion.


  • [00:00:00] Introduction: Quitting TikTok for Podcast Promotion
  • [00:01:45] Reason 1: Lack of Conversion from TikTok to Podcast Listeners
  • [00:03:12] Reason 2: Mismatch of Content Creation Methods on TikTok
  • [00:04:47] Reason 3: Importance of Aligning with Platforms You Enjoy
  • [00:06:20] Reason 4: Exploring Alternatives for Podcast Promotion
  • [00:07:56] Reason 5: Leveraging Twitter Spaces for Live Streaming
  • [00:09:18] Reason 6: Future Plans for Podcast Promotion
  • [00:10:45] Conclusion: Finding the Best Platforms for Your Podcast

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[00:00:07] Verity: I am doing something slightly different for this podcast episode where I'm actually live streaming it to Twitter or X, depending on what we're calling it.


[00:00:21] Verity: It's morning when I'm recording this Saturday morning.


[00:00:26] Verity: Why not just do something a little bit different?


[00:00:28] Verity: Whilst I'm recording this, this episode won't be going live just yet.


[00:00:44] Verity: I think I'm going to try and do this a little bit more.


[00:00:58] Verity: So it's something that I need to bear in mind at time of recording to actually make sure that I am putting out the live streaming.

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